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Hypno StealthReviewer
Hypnos main selling point is in the fact that the titanium skate-bracket detatches for easy stowing, and the boot itself can be walked upon like a shoe. This is a really good feature and comes in handy when you need to travel light. I was sceptical of this as the bindings are under the sole and wondered how youd resole the shoe after walking on it for a while, but the sole is made of tough plastic and have found that walking on them alot results in almost no wear at all. Having said that the shoe does still flex quite well, and is very comfortable, looks good in a chunky kind of way, and not as much like walking in ski boots as I suspected. The wheels are nice and large 80mm and while I see Skate:UKs point about the abec7s you can spin these Hypers and they just dont stop.. and theres something reassuring about that. it seems like the hypno guys have put a lot of thought into the boot design, making sure that they are re-inforced to gice a good level of leg support while skating, yet still making them comfortable for walking. the only caveat has to be, make sure you get them in the same size as the shoes you wear (dont go up a size, you wont need to). Also, Id recommend buying these from a german website and getting them sent over, as they are about 40 pounds cheaper that way..<a href=''>caz</a>  

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