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K2 EnemiesReviewer
This is a great all round skate, although it take about 2 weeks for the cuff to wear in to allow you to topside anything. The skate is pretty light due to the semi-soft boot, but still really durable. The frame is fibreglass, and pretty strong, it doesnt wear out much at all, I have been grinding curbs on it everyday for 2 months and it hasnt ground down very much at all. All together this is a great skate for its price, but if you are thinking of buying a K2 skate at this moment you should wait for the K2 UFS skate it is gonna rock the skating worldDan  
I would not recomend these skates to anyone. They are very uncustomizable. You cannot change the Frames Or cuffs. The only thing you can change is the wheels. I would only reccoment these to very young sk8ers because these are very very light<a href=''>Timmay</a>  
I think that these skates are the best skates that money can buy. I would definatley reccomend these skates to everyone. They are much better than the 250s and the naturals. If you have got &#163;140 to spend, go out and buy these skates.james the sk8er  
these skate rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are soft inside and dey r really comfy i dont fink the bloke who cussed em has a clue, hes stupid. i dont fink he knows wat he iz talkin about. the only fing i dont like about em iz dat they dont ave laces, thats it. so do what i say and buy these skates now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! james the sk8r  

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