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K2 Fatty ProReviewer
These rock! When I heard about soft boot aggressive sk*s I had my doubts, but when I tried them out they were really nice to ride. They are good for grinds such as royales and boning over is easy. The 'Mo Saunders' were nice with ABEC 3's but for people with weak ankles I don't recommmend using them on ramps because the boot won't give you as much support as you expect.Tom  
i hate themanonymous  
These skates were the turning point for my skating. they are purfect for the skater that can drop in do some gaps and grinds and need to progress. I would advise these k2s for the beginner/intermidite.<a href=''>jono</a>  
i love these skates and wank over them!<a href=''>george alsford</a>  
I got to ride them once and they are awesome, i dont know if they worth 150$ thoughSAmmy  

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