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K2 Fatty Pro (american version)Reviewer
(American version with red strip) Well what can i say about these skates. They come with fr Dayton Coopersmith wheels(56mm 90a) i felt these wheels where very good and have a great trust in fr for good quality wheels, personally i found the wheels which come with the skate, Dayton Coopersmiths could be a little more grippy as i found that they slipped a bit to much in the skatepark floor. It comes with twincam abec 3 which i found very smooth and the best abec 3s i have ever riden. They also come with fifty/50 Tom hyser comedy green grindplates which slide lovely on rails, planters and curbs, and i would recommend them to any skater. The fattys come with a groove in the side of the skate and a backside plate which make it easyer to bend over those royales and i also found them very good for locking on the back foot when doing pornstars. The soul plate is very large and its quite easy to lock into those soul orientated grinds. The skate has a metal buckle and buckle protecter, but a friend of mine still tore the buckle off, but she found it no hassle to fix it. A good thing about the fattys is that if u have a default send them back to k2 and they normally fix it, also if u need extra parts go along to your local snow and rock and they seem to have plenty of spare parts for the fattys, if they dont have the part u need they can get it for u and i found them very helpful. To sum the Fatty Pro up for u, if u r looking for a skate to let you pull off that next trick or to pull off that little extra spin than the other skates these are the skates for u. i personally give them 11 out of 10. A skaters dream come true P.S personally i find these skates fine on vert and mini ramp although some people (Matt King) dont like these on ramp i seem to find them fine, and so do great skaters like Scott Crawford.SiNNeR  

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