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K2 NaturalsReviewer
These skates are amazin. They look totaly heavy but when you put them on they float. They kick ass. Vast improvement from the fattie crap persuasive duck  
These k2 skates gring smotthly and i wouldnt get any other pair of skates if they wernt k2, im looking forward tothe k2 nemisis and the k2 natural. tom  
ive allways been a fan of k2s i used to have style point bobs and ive just bought some 2003 naturals seeing as though the bobs were around &#163;200 when i bought them i am very happy to have the natural for &#163;140 which all in all is a much better sk8 if you like k2 get these youll look like arlo in a couple of weeks. Keep rolling baby!!!<a href=''>cesar mora</a>  
Ive had these sk8s for 7 months now and they have been great. Grinding is sick and my personal favourit is that they ses slide easily and most importantly smoothly.luke  
yeah i have a pair and im doin these real good grinds like pornstars, souls, x-grinds, royals and im only 13anonymous  
sorry to be the first one to bad mouth these. i bout a pair and they were a great skate , nice and smooth and stuff but then the main tounge fell out and i cudnt afford to get them repaired or replaced so i was stuk using them and they hurt my ankles...sorry to moan.anonymous  
i bought these skates a while back and i love them. they ride reel smooth and i can do some reely cool grinds with them. the only bad thing about the skates is that i wish that they had some bigger grind plates on the sides and that u kood swich the frames. but overall i like these skates alot<a href=''>anonymous</a>  
I love these, they rule, i humped them, ad jizzed on the tounge... coem on in the doors open.. GOD DAMNIT! jizzanonymous  
I have just bought them and I didnot try them but they look too much great and easy to land while jumping with it anonymous  
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