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Majestic 12 97Reviewer
These skates look cool, in shark-shin (darkish blue) and hemp. The faults on the previous model(s) of the Fatty SC have been sorted out, making them great skates and worth a good look at with the price tag of around 180 pounds (much less than the fatty pro). The inner is comfy (although is not seperate from the skate), and must be aired regularly as the inner cannot be washed. The wheels and spacers are it's downfall with nasty wheels and nylon spacers, although with the money that you save on buying these rather than the Fatty Pro will be move than enough to use in buying good spacers and wheels, and once customised, these skates are amazing. The chasis and soul plate are one piece and therefor have to be replaced together, which is not a problem as long as you don't wear it out of curbs. To sum them up, the K2 Fatty SC'98 is an excellent buy and should prove popular by many skaters.Adam  
These skates are amazing! Simple and solid design and construction, come with Abec 3's and 56 mm flat set up (although they wear a bit too fast. This skate is the pioneer of practically all modern aggro skatesOnkle  
cool for air but rubbish landing flips<a href='mailto:smugerfca blueyonderbrodband'>anonymous</a>  

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