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As an older skater at the tender age of 34 (drawn into skating by my young daughter) I struggled to learn to skate on the cheaper boots with the rigid cuffs. I then found Nike skates with the flexible cuffs. At a cost of £150.00 I invested in pair of the skates and have been skating on these brilliant skates for over 18 months. The flexibility of these skates is amazing and I have taken part in "friendly" rollerhockey matches and have learnt a couple of tricks on the skates too. If you want a versatile pair of skates BUY NIKE!anonymous  
do not by these shit townie skateslazlow  
These r crap sk8s. DONT GET THEM !!!!!!Joe G  
i dunno what the anonymous guys on about these skates are a pair of townie SHITEsam  
these skates are just possibly the worst skates to exist dont get them ever by the way does n e one skate at pioneernot a fukin townie  
fuck u spannera im a townie and im betta den all of u cuntsanonymous  

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