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Some uneducated fools laugh at my daisies as they look massive, but, they will rule the universe. I used to own some HX2's and when I tried agressive on them I nearly lost 3 limbs. Daisies are cool!steven  
Possibly the most amazin skates ever invented in the whole world ever!!!!! These skates kick so much ass-theres not an ass within 50 miles that hasnt been kicked wit them!!! Buy them!! Then tell me where u got them coz I need sum more and cnt find them!!!anonymous  
Oh man!!!!!! I bought these bad boys in like 95, 96, i think. At the time they were the dogs bollox! I took them OUT for a laugh the other day n i have to say after sk8n khuties for a year n a half i thought,&quot;these are shit!&quot; But after a while of sticking to the coping i got used to them n managed to bust out fat soul moves and 360 over the box. They torque like butter even without a backside plate! im not takin them out agen tho, they are gonna be antiques of the future!<a href=''>Patrick "mother fucking oldskool" Firmin</a>  

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