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Definately one of the funkiest looking skates on the market at the moment. They have just about every feature you could wish for such as ABEC-3 bearings, memory foam lining and no-rivet soul. The come with 2 sets of grind plates, a plastic set on the inside with metal ones on the outside. The metal plates are not removeable however (unless you force them?) The weight of these skates may be a drawback to younger skaters though.anonymous  
I get dissed ,sure. But I don't care how clown shoe-ish they look. They kick Butt! I still think Oxygen Argen 1.1 (Scott Bentley's) are cool but Poppy's rule supreme.Jimbob  
(Poppies and Daisies): Interesting looking skate. Big positive and negativesoulspace All parts replaceable. Good wheels. And then it's all goes down hill. The worst liner seen outside a rental ice skate. Waaaaaay too heavy, chunky and awkard. Has a tendency to fall apart. Soul space is real slow. Grind block is crap. All in all only buy them if you can't get anything betterRuud  

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