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Roces 5th ElementReviewer
This is an awesome skate. It is really heavy, because the boot is so thick, but it means you won't break anything. The frame is low profile, as well, like the front of the M12s. I got the first pair off the container, and mine had a huge h-block (4.5cm long). The sole plate is nice and wide, as well. The grindplate sucks, because it bends. The inner sole plate is hard to use, as well, because the grind plate gets in the way. The gap in between the middle two wheels is 5.5cm with 58mm wheels, so you don't need crappy anti-rocker. The laces don't last long, though. If anybody has a clue what the heel-grind area is for, mail me...Nick  
The far best skate i have ever skated on. It has a enough soul room and negative room as well. A really good skate the colors are cool too.Rusty  
That heel grind area, Nick, is the space for the crank strap wire. Great skates, super smooth and indestructable.James  
The Fith Element blades are one of the best blades made because you dont have to buy the complete blade if you brake the frame or somthin, you can just buy the pure frame .Plus Their perfect for Grinding .<a href=''>Jeremy</a>  
hey nick if the laces dont last long,buy some new ones you cheap ass bitchyou suck  
theyre the best skates ive ever sk8ed in my lifeanonymous  
theyre the best skates ive ever sk8ed in my lifeanonymous  
&quot;these skates are sooo wonderful...i like to lay in bed with then and spank it on tools!&quot; haha skate onanonymous  
Nice ass blades. Mainly used em for insane shit like up and over cars and busting down a hill straight onto a ramp and into a lake. Every stock piece on lasted until the ends of the blades them selves. Shitty for grinding but good for beating the shit out of people. But now I got the Razor Genesys, these things kick even more ass!<a href=''>James</a>  
I bought a pair of these grinding beasts (blue ones) and I used then for a very long time. They really kicked azz, but they were so heavy to be the perfect skate, so I bought a pair of Aaron Feinberg Salomons. Two weeks later, I was doing it again with my old 5ths, and realise that weigth is not da problem. TheBlackBishop  

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