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Roces Khuti 2001Reviewer
By far the best aggressive skate on the market at the moment. The 2001 updated version includes thicker lining and memory foam inside the boot and awsome looks and better lace up, buckle up system on the out side. When i get a spare 200 squid i will definatley be getting someToby Reeve  
I Skate the original Khuti an They are the best skae I have ever skated an Im shure the Khuti 2001 should be just the same of even better.<a href=''>Chris Barnes</a>  
i wish<a href=''>adi</a>  
good skate i like hte feel good ankle support and pretty light but the shox kinda suk but besides that there good <a href=''>jay</a>  
these r really class skates The BEST OUTanonymous  
on tuesday evenings i wet the bed<a href=''>andrew pacey</a>  
ok but if u have never tried them dont post anything saying they are the bestanonymous  

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