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Roces Majestics 13 TwelveReviewer
These skates have lasted me since 1999 and they still work fine, but a be worn down. They do a realy smooth and quick royal. Very light for jumps and easy to control. They also look very stylish without the trousers going over them. You can buy them in assorted colours and sizes, they come with abec 3 bearings and as i remember custom 56mm/90a wheels. At the bottom of the socks, there is a comfort heel protecion pad. I only have one bad point for these skates, and thats the back sole and negative space, becuase you cant really use it, you lean your weight on the front sole and negative space. You can get all sorts of sole kits and grind plates for this skate. There is also a function on the skate to move the wheels wider or closer from each other, and you can change the height of the wheels too. Oh and another bad point is, once the chassi has worn down (which is a long time) it cant be replaced. But as long as you have grind plates and the h-block, you wont have any problems. Rate 8/10<a href=''>core (</a>  
What can I say, these are the skates that changed aggresive in-line skating. I bought mine in 1997 and they are still with me, they just last forever. Ill always stay true to Roces because of these skates. From these skates have came the 5th Elements and the Khuti, definatley the next skates on my wishlist.Adam Bury  
I used to skate these skate and the are very nice. I personally prefere the Khutis that I skate now but the Majestics where the bomb in there time.<a href=''>Chris Barnes</a>  
these skates are amazinganonymous  
i have skated since i was about 7 with my brothers bouer skates which were size 11 and then i mover on to these skates which changed my life for ever, they did not come cheep how ever, but are worth the money. due to these easy handling blades you can pull off tricks like double front flip over a hip, fun box, gap or anything, due to there light weight which does not pull when producing air. these are the skates to get you will not regret spending that little extra, these rule. i know skate vert ans have moed on to the roces prefered vert metal light weight frame which i am still using. <a href=''>chris boys</a>  
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