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Rolerblade TRS AccessReviewer
These skates are really nice skate sto look at and very nice to ride.They are very padded inside and very comfortable.They must have the biggest soul space ever and the negative is probably bigger than the positive space on most other skates aswell.but the grind on the soul plates are kinda sticky.Other than that these are great skates.Llew  
the skates are alrighite but still kinda sticky. Well over all they are a 8 of a 10anonymous  
these skates are lush i just gottem today and i agree that the souls are kinda sticky but what i say is either get some new souls or take the old ones off leave them to soak in a boul of fairy liquid for the night.sexual beast  
these skates feel very good to skate,they are also the smoothest skates ever,the soul space is huge and the negative is biggest i have seen,the liners are extremly padded and they look good and the bearings are fast but the wheels core realy easy and the way they shaped the bolts are good and the person that wrote they are sticky there brains are screwed comoletelyanonymous  
i love them they grind well are comfy the suide design kicks ass as soon as i got em i did a method off a 5 foot ledge and hardly felt strain on my right leg unlike my salomon sti team.p.s TRS ACCESS ROCK <a href=''>jon gray </a>  
I rode my friends skates and still have them. these skates, to b honest w/ u they are worth the $. Soul and neg. is big and really good w/ pawn stars. Light about 9 lbs, but not really good w/ cess slides. soul gets wasted fast. dosent tweek as much of other skates. over all 7/10ill matic  
what the fuck iz all the fuss about these fuckin skates? i bought them about 3 months ago and i hate em they r fuckin gay. all i have to say about these skate is aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck they suck arsecharlie whos best friend iz james not josh  
very good first skates put black and red team stream kizer frames on them with trs detail mid soul and white laces and they look exelent. anonymous  
Kick ass blades. Nice easy beginner skate big negative and soul H block is smooth and fast, so easy to get used to a bit hard to cess slide but we can manage it, Id costumize by putting liners with coolmax and maybe abec 7 bearings like the detail. Steve has the Access and I have the Detail, access is great but detail is better.Jarrod and Steve  
these blades are the best skate ever they look good, grind good and feel good, every 1 shud have some they ruleanonymous  
These skates are amazing to skate on and look lush. I out Kizer Baumstimler (however you spell it) frames on mine and changed the wheels after I screwsed mine to Senete. The bearings lasted me about 3/4 of a year n I changed them to ABEC 5 Twin Cams which are amazingly smooth to skate. I also added some read laces to mine n puffed out the tounge as soon as I got em so they look even more stylish. <a href=''>Tinner </a>  

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