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I and a few of my mates have skated these skates for over a year now and in my view theses skates are the best ever to ride on especially the fienburg pro model.Keep up the good work solamen!Ri & Ash.  
ST-1 :: The new St-1 (drafter in to replace the ST-70) is an unbeatable skate, in the larger sizes (10+) the sole is huge, and the negative is even skateable! low cuff makes topside tricks truly horizontal, and the liner is chunky and dead comfortable. only gripe - the bucles arent replaceable, and when you fall out of tricks, they take a beattingh,but there solid alu, so they should last. ive also skated the ST-90, they are also supreme skates, with only a better liner and replaceable buckles to separate them from the st-1. if you need an allround (park street, vert, whatever) skate, then salomon (note correct spelling) skates are the greatest!<a href=''>Skudly</a>  
Salomon ST9 - best skate...Malek  
These skates are amasing in pulling grinds before i couldnt even grind on a curb!hi  
salomon stink these skates stink stink adi  
vinny mintons have to be the crappist sk8s in the world my m8 has some i just shit in them!!!!!tree!  
vinnie mintons rul3 there the3 best sk3ates in the worldfuckall  
Fuckall if that is your real name!!! vinny mintons are shit, i would rather buy k2s than vinny mintons i wouldnt even let my dog piss on them!! my mate ozzy has irratable bowl syndrome and he just shits everywhere and ill make him shit in your skates ho ho ho tree  
Tey fu*king rule dudes they are the best blades around id know ive gt a pair/ Daniel Leaveyanonymous  
dont ever buy salomon because nothing is replacable except for the frames and the wheels. O yah and razor/USD kick a**anonymous  
they last 4ever and never break i live in st albans and pioneer is coolskater boy  
I had the Feinberg Pro model and it is probably the best skate Ive ever had but there are a few down sides about them. The only this you can replace is the frame and the wheels. Oh, and if you like tork tricks then Salomen isnt the skate for you.<a href=''>anonymous</a>  
All you people who dis the salomon skates should be blaming yourselves, dont take it out on the company just cause you arnt good enough or cant handle a good pair of blades. Salomon rule, if you dont like them, heres a spoon, eat my ass<a href=''>Haha</a>  

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