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Salomon ST TenReviewer
I got these skates from for only 112 squid and man they were my first skates and i could drop in and grind straight away theyre so comfy and light they are great for recreational skating as well the ride is so smoothanonymous  
There great and dead cool-add abec 5 though ALex  
these are pish skates there is always something wrong with them and should never of been released.daza  
They rule BrillALex  
im gonna get them!!:)anonymous  
salomons suk sooo much!2 gd points-gd shock absorbers,huge souls.all the bad points,majorli heavy,cuffs so low they cut into your shin,crappy thin liner,terrible frames and soul plate-so slow its unbelivable.wear down well quick.oh and they look like moon razors they are the daddys!anonymous  
Ihave these skates. From the scale of 1-10 I would rates these 4. Becuase you can only change the frames. Otherwise its the same as all the other solomons out there. same look and same perfomace. I would recomend TRSs because they have a Huge sole making it easy to lace a ton of grinds and there 100 percent custiomizable. Even TRS Acceses<a href=''>Timmay</a>  
i think st tens r great ,they r so comfy and look so kool!I have put new frames on them (kizer neou frames)and also added abec 7s.....Liam  
fuck every 1 who dosnt like them there good skates if you want to learn i bought them and there kewl my friends dis them but screw them i like them and im progressing faster then any of them but there good cause they been skating a long time but back to the point salomons rockanonymous  
im thinkin about buyin them but i have to find out if they are good for beginers<a href='mailto: '>tim</a>  

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