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Salomon ST-IReviewer
Buy a pair now!!!!! there the best Jonny Baugh and rich myers  
These r great there frames a super slidy and the have a huge sole plate the 3D custom fit is so comftabal and durible u will never get tyerd of them bye a pair now latterTony Desent  
superb, comfy, huge soul area and large nagative, good ufs frames slide well look amazin, if u hav a spare &#163;200 buy a pair they r worth every penny. bad bits heavy but u dont notice when u hav them on.<a href=''>EMAGDNIM</a>  
These Skates are awful! nothing goes with tem except the ufs sagona frames. my mate neil just got a pair and they are s sht it hard to believe!!!!!!! cant beat shima2 with elliot 2 liner. PEACENAZZY  
I HATE SALOMON, I HATE SALOMON, I HATE SALOMON!!!! Why does n e body like these sk8s?! I bought them when i was a real grommet, think they were great, but i hated them and replaced em when i got the money together, salomon frames and wings are terribly slow, even with a fast frame like 50-50 or gc these sk8s still suck, coz the wings just stop u! The liner is too god damned thin, and they just dont look nice. GRRRR DIE SALOMON!!!Annoymous  
these blades are the best comfy easy and fastanonymous  
ok seriously seriously DO NOT buy these skates!!! i got em today but im taking them back tomorow to exchange for some USDs. Ok first good point. They have a very big soul and negative area which is pretty good for begginers, they look pretty cool, quick lace systems good. ok now onto the bad points, whatever lies you may have heard the wheels and bearings suck so badly, to me this was the most of putting thing about these skates. The buckle is tiny and you WILL feel paranoid that its going to come out during a hard session. the H-block is the crappiest thing i have ever seen in my life, finaly the skates are damn slow on grinds. In my opinion if you are a begginer then these would be good for you (as long as you replaced the bearings) because there slow on grinds and souls and easily to lock onto souls. anyone who is advanced at skating should stear well clear of these. peace me  

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