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Salomon st 90Reviewer
these skates are nice but have there problems,they are fast to grind but were down fast.liners are nice but after about one year get thin. you can not change them at all evrthing you buy for them has to be solomon not things like wheles though.the shoks work well but is too thick. all in all good but manley for gaps and ramp.<a href=''>Oliver stroud</a>  
these skates are so comfortable,u could have them on all day and ur feet would still not feel the effect.grinding on the st 90s is slick rick but still controlable, in my book the best skates to start out on. 2roll4life7  
i love my pair of st 90s. i skate all day and i never get tired of these skates. they are so comfertable!anonymous  

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