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This skate is phat it's a bit on the heavy side but grinds are easy to pull, nugans and royales are a breeze and also the skate is very cool looking with like a white creamy colour. This skate is truely supreme. It is incredible how soft and comfortable the boot is and also the chassis is strong and doesnt wear too quick. Best skate ever, highly reccommended!Rubon  
these skates r the dogs bolloks if ur after a new pair then go for these the boot has a low cuff so u can get those topsides right down and it helps get ur kind grinds down to a t! belive me i have tried the rest and nothin compares to these go buy some now and u wont b disapointed and the shock absorbers help on those big jumps n drops im tellin u try some and u will b impressed!john from leeds  
holy sweet christ my life changed after getting the feinbergs. Not only are they sexy but tricks that were impossible on Rollerblades became a doddle! Rock On<a href=''>Dragon187</a>  
The Salomon ST 1s r sic skates an i luv em!! im only a rookie to skating but i thoroughly enjoy skatin on them they r very decent skates, get em now!!!Az  
all solomons are the same<a href=''>anonymous</a>  
salomon blades are a pile of shit so stinky that even dogs h8 the fucking smell listen i fu wnt a pair of blades gt roces or k2s. That dont disgrace bladers around the fucking worlds ne1 who likes them are chessy helmets lol salomons r shit corp   
get the brand correct faggot, and dont call them blades, it sounds fkin shit m8, narm sayin? RAZORS 4 LIFE BITCH!anonymous  

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