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k2 125ccReviewer
Very nice and durable skate, STRONG! and last a long time, kinda a small lip but deal wit it. Nice grind but wheels a little slick, and wear down fast, other than that excelent skateAnthony  
Im a really new skater but I think that this skate is not really worth buying. Im only 2 months into skating and Im getting a new skate cuz this one practically fell apart on me. If I had to keep this skate Id be replacing a lot of stuff on it first.NiX  
Awesome skate, ive been skating all my life and i think the k2s are really worth buying. U dont even have to break them in, they r perfect right out of the box. <a href=''>skata boyy</a>  
I just bought a pair at an auction for $12. Nanny nanny boo boo!! It looks as though someone has only skated with them once...hell, only the wheels show some wear.fezzie  
The k2 125ccs where great skates for the first six months but then they began to fall apart. The grind on these skates were unbelievable and very light for jumps. They have no skockabsorber and nothing is repalacable on them except the wheels and bearings. Another great beginner skate made by K2.<a href=''>anonymous</a>  
these are the schiznits. they fall apart sometimes but youll buy upgradz anyway. good for begginer or intermed.<a href=''>k24lyf</a>  

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