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roces grahal Reviewer
there ace there so supportive and also very flexabile you got to get them nextJohn  
They are the best sk8s i have ever had. They`re  
these are the nicest looking skates on the market. a bit over priced but still very attractive.i could stroke the salami over them. p.s: brother for sale. terrible condition. 50p ono. Stevie M.  
these skates r sweet, they r heaps lighter than the khutis they r so fukin comfortable and hav a great shock absorber. i just got some kizer frames and some anti rocker wheels and now they r even better. they slide good to with just the standard frame. the only thing is the senate spike core wheels, one of mine has already started to come of the core after about a month. the bearings r real fast wen u get them but slow down alot after a while and u hav to work to get them moving. the UFS adaptor plate that come with them seem to be flatter wen u put them on ur skates and i found it makes it eaiser to lock onto round rails. other than the wheels and bearings the graal hav been real good. they feel real wierd wen u put them on, but in about an hour u will feel right at home.J (from aust.)  
Get some mindgame Higgs Boson wheels to go with these amazing skates. nuff said<a href=''>Blader</a>  
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