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y isnt there skateboards???????<a href='mailto:fuck-all-rollerbladers-cuse-there-gay@hotmail'>SK8ORDIE</a>  
Fuck skateboards, They are all gay!anonymous  
chuck away yor shitty piece of wud and by sum sk8s!<a href=''>ifyrgyj</a>  
SkateBoarding is so fu*king gay u wood pushing faggot.anonymous  
skateboards are bollo*ks sk8s kick assanonymous  
Yo, what the hell is this, why are you all such haters? Im an inliner and I skate with buddies who push the wood. Blades are my choice and Id like to see those boarding-haters who diss bladers do a bioflip and not land on their arses, but you guys are all dicks for saying boarders are gay. If you succesfully do a kickflip with your blades, then I will withdraw my argument and say youre right, not before.Bradders  
i agree with braddersblader  
Save the trees you wood pushing w*****s, i hope the lot of you get wood worm u c***s! Skating rules!dawaagh  
i used ta board but i waz shitty at it, so i started bladin, im shit at bladin but its way funner than boardin. end<a href=''>SyKo</a>  

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