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hey these skates are damn amazing they have fuk loads of negative space and are so strong as i got 2meters of air and most skate bolts will just fukin shatter and youll break your ankles 2nd best skate around because the colour is bolloks and they get so dirty but if u ave a pair then use some coarse sandpaper it brings it straight off. cool skatin<a href=''>skater man</a>  
these are sweet perfect 4 beginers da only bad fing is da frame but u can get a new one with a ufs converterblagy  
they are wicked<a href=''>richod head</a>  
these skates r pretty amazing but the frames r a pile of wank + i think the colour is pretty crap. they also get real dirty which is crappy but overal they r a good all round skate. PEACE OUT !!!<a href=''>Dj</a>  

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