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usd team throne 4Reviewer
these sk8s r ok but they need a lot of moding such as a new frame weels bearings and more they have a crapy cuff and the liner is the worst i have tride yet if u r geting a pair dont get a usd puffy tung they are even more uncoftableHarry Waters  
I think there isnt much diffrence between throne 4 an randy spizer...both are verry good...i think they are the best in grind... <a href=''>SiMi</a>  
these sk8s have the sickest look and slide pritty good but yer the liner isnt to good but apart from that they keep me sk8ing hard peace<a href=''>Trent</a>  
get white cuffs grey royale plates white soul plates kizer feinburg frames n dem new grind rocks blak n orange kizer laces n dey are fuckin mint<a href=''>adam baxter</a>  
man ive had these skates for about a year and i fucking love them. i replaced the frames as soon as i got the skates so i dont know how they ride. Same thing with the wheels. The only thing is that the shock absorbers arent that great and they slide around alotand i agree that the liners arent good but i have replaced them with the reign Shima liners. All in all, ide give these skates an 8 out of 10.<a href=''>Emagdnim</a>  

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