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gasket knee padsReviewer
if ur tired of rippin ur jeans then get a pair of these they dont have a outer shell so ur pants dont rip when u slide or slam ive had them for about a year n they work so well and the stuichin hasnt undone its self like the larger pads avaidable and there only 30 quid a bargain just try them u will like them i promise!john from leeds  
Hello I must say, Ic3a2e2&#226;&#8364;&#353;ace2&#226;&#8364;&#382;a2m impressed with your site. I had no toblrue navigating through all the tabs and information was very easy to access. I found what I wanted in no time at all. Pretty awesome. Would appreciate it if you add forums or something, it would be a perfect way for your clients to interact. Great job<a href=''>Emmanuel</a>  

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