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Day of the RopeReviewer
This has some very progressive skating in here,i think i only saw 2 souls in the whole thing, it has some of the older famous skaters who evryone knows such as Arlo, Roadhouse and Matt Mantz, but also it has some of the VERY good senate ams. such as Louie Zamoura, Kevin Gillian. The tricks range from kind grinds down kink rails, backside UFOs down some flat long rails, to things like Arlo and T.J Webber going off with some huge airs in the X-Games in San Dieago and the prelims of the comp...... This also countains some rad BMX stuff with peoplelike Rooftop. This film also contains things like the friends of senate with other skaters who dont skate for senate like jon julio, jake elliot and chris edwards. It also has Cory Miller trying to drink a gallon of milk in one hour without being sick for a $100 bet with Chris Edwards, and some guy eating cockroaches...............tiss fowl SiNNeR  

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