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Uncommon GroundReviewer
This video is a little old and could do with a little polish, i found the filming good but there were too many royales and and souls in the beginning. The film is a New York orientated film which goes around the usa meeting up with loads of other skaters, the main skaters are Joe Dedentro, kinda a senate am., Ray Mendez, and Jon Ortiz. It has, latter on some bad tricks, such as some guys lauching over a huge ditch into the next road after skitching and hitting a ramp . Also it has Jay Dick pulling offa truly amazing fishbrain down a handrail, and it will truly bring tears to any true skater. This video seems tohave a more personal feeling to it like other films such as Mr Moosenknuckle, the music in this is good alotof hot hip-hop sounds i give it a 9 outa 10 SiNNeR  

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