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50/Fifty Comedy Greens Reviewer
These plates look really good, and come in quite a funky little case. The plates are kinda speckled green. The plates were smooth on all surfaces, i found them perfect on all curbs rails and planters. They have worn away at a fair rate, no problems there, only really one bad point, when u start jumping for higher grinds such on handrails and benches or planters i found that they started to bend a little mine have bent up in a little arch, it hasnt effected anything, the reason is probably that they are so thin, but their thinness is very good, and the slight bending is nothing much. Apart from the slight bend in them i found them very strong, probably because they are cut from a sheet of plastic and not molded, personally i give the 9 outa 10 ........ i think fifty/50 are doing a great job and i cant wait till we in england can get their new frames SiNNeR  

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