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Senate Roadhouses (97 version)Reviewer
These come in a kewl little packaging with a video case with a little story on the back about roadhouse, these wheels are also glow in the dark for some strange reason. At first i found these good, the size was fine and the hardness was good. But after doing some grinds on this concrete ledge at my local college i found that the wheels had started to chunk round at the edge , so i was pissed off about that, but apart from that they are fine i give em 6 outa 10 , personally i think senate have a bit to learn about making wheels as these are the first wheels they have made away from hyper SiNNeR  
u should have tried 2 get the ones before these the multi coloured wheels these were the best wheels i have ever had the didnt chunk off or wear quickly and they slid on any thing even unwaxed curbs im tryin 2 find a set now but its gona b hard since there 5 yrs old! john from leeds  

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